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The internet was big. The smartphone huge. The metaverse could be world-shattering but interconnected metaverses world saving. Here is (Mike’s) why and how.

Key points in this launching post about my ‘metaverse beliefs’

  • 🚷 A singular metaverse by one or two Big Tech companies is devastating
  • 🕸️ New webs of interconnected METAGAMERS can solve world crises
  • 💡 So expect regular roundups, ideas and thought (so) leadership here

Welcome to the very first post on MetaMike so Hello, World!

Although it is tempting to start sharing my definition of what a metaverse is, I’d rather share my current beliefs on why metaverse(s) matter and how my community including myself want to contribute.

A singular metaverse by a digital dictator

First and foremost, I have the strong conviction that the impact of one or hopefully multiple metaverses will be extremely higher than (mobile) internet and smartphones combined. Especially when only one or two big tech companies like Apple or Meta maybe in partnership with Microsoft will rule ‘the Metaverse’.

Worst case, one tech giant will dominate this singular metaverse entirely. Aside from the common major issues with a monopoly, such company would eventually get tremendous power and control over people’s digital lives.

A meta-dictator if you will with its very own rigid regime like a 30% sales tax of every in-app-purchase (IAP) in a foreseen Meta Store.

That’s why I strongly believe we need more metaverse options. Fast.
Or else a singular Metaverse could be world-shattering.

METAGAMERS to solve the MetaWorld-crises

Secondly and on a more positive – or naive – note, I have complete faith in (wo)men with machines, not against the machine, in order to solve world crises. Though most people probably Don’t Look Up, all we need is a critical mass to adopt new technologies and/or methods to combat global issues.

We might (need to) eat genetically modified food like cultivated meat maybe one day soon. Perhaps we’ll find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Like remote work solutions that are more productive (and fun) than hours long Zoom or Teams calls. Or stop considering new clothes out of fashion after a few weeks already.

Hence no surprise that companies like Nike big bet on the metaverse let their customers/users design virtual fashion like sneakers and share some of the profits.

Now that’s where interconnected metaverses with METAGAMERS come in.

On one hand, I imagine that humans eventually will get more free time thanks to further automation, digitalization and robotization. And yeah, why not by playing games. Even the corporate world understands the strength of gamification.

On the other hand, I coined METAGAMERS as catchy acronym for 10 of the most influential or promising companies in regard to the concept of multiple metaverses as opposed to Meta’s singular Metaverse.

  • Magic Leap
  • Epic Games
  • Twitter/Tesla
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Electronic Arts
  • Rockstars
  • Sony / Steam (Valve)

Each and every company deserve its dedicated article, so that’s an easy 12 new posts including Meta and NVIDIA.

Expect regular contributions to our community

Speaking of which, here’s my schedule and goals of how I’d like to contribute to ‘the metaverse community’ (if there’s such a thing).

💡 Almost daily inspirational or newsworthy shares so ~200 posts/year
🧺 Brief round-up of most important news every (other) week so ~40/year
🤯 Thought (so) leadership on the metaverse every month so 12 articles/year
🎙️ The ‘Masters of the Metaverse’ and/or RelaXR podcast (no set frequency yet)
😎 The ‘MetaMasters’ bi-annual meetup, of course in one of the metaverses.

So, now you know my current beliefs of the metaverse. Since I am an open-minded human being, my opinions or convictions change when better proof or arguments are presented.

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