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TIME compiled a list of 200 of the best inventions of 2022, featuring the latest AR device by Magic Leap, Inc. The Magic Leap 2. Engadged even declares Magic Leap 2 is the best AR headset yet but ponders if the enterprise focus will save the company.

My key insights and takeaways:

  • Former executive at both Microsoft as Qualcomm, Peggy Johnson has outstanding qualifications as CEO of Magic Leap to turn the company from bleeder to leader.
  • The CEO’s career move reminds me of Stephen Elop leaving Microsoft for becoming CEO of Nokia. Shortly after, Elop portrayed Nokia as “burning platform” and managed to have Microsoft acquire Nokia for $7B.
  • My bet: the dual partnership of Qualcomm with both Microsoft and Magic Leap result in some sort of Mixed Augmented Reality Consortium (MARC?) architected by Peggy Johnson to save and transform Magic Leap.

This post may be updated in the future when events happen that either support or disproof my educated guess about the current role of Peggy Johnson as CEO at Magic Leap and her previous function as Enterprise Vice-President of Business Development after her 24 years at Qualcomm.

Surely, a lot of new business development is imminent with “the metaverse” shaping up. So, who better to architect new business deals than veteran Johnson?


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