Starting with VR in L&D: a great guide by Peter Faulhaber

Embark on a journey through the landscape of Virtual Reality in Learning and Development (L&D) with Peter Faulhaber’s practical guide. It’s a repository of expert insights, carefully crafted to guide educators and trainers through the nuances of VR, ensuring a transformative learning experience.

Read Peter’s full guide (in Dutch) or in English with machine-translation

Thanks Peter for your 📣 shout-out to the RelaXR podcast hosted by Tim and me.

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Key Insights

My key takeaways from Peter’s guide:

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) in L&D: Peter wrote a practical guide to getting started with VR in Learning and Development, where he explains the creation of safe and practical 3D learning environments using Virtual Reality.
  2. 3D-model development: He talks about the development of 3D models, including methods to obtain and modify 3D models, and how to enrich them with interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.
  3. Vendor selection: He explores the choice between specialized VR vendors and full-service training agencies, providing insight into different types of 3D glasses and their hardware specifications.
  4. Implementation and benefits of VR: It considers important aspects for the implementation of VR in training, as well as the educational and financial benefits of VR-based learning.
  5. Experience VR : Peter emphasizes the importance of experiencing VR firsthand before forming an opinion about it.
  6. XR-developments: He touches upon the developments in the XR market, the intersection of VR and AI with the wealth of insight from learning data.
  7. Involving stakeholders: Peter highlights the importance of involving stakeholders in the journey of using VR for L&D.
  8. Conclusion: Peter concluded that VR is a powerful learning tool with proven added value.