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The XRAI Glass app just released on the Google Play store. It helps deaf people to see real-time subtitling in the special augmented reality (AR) glasses from Nreal. Aside from transcription, paid plans offer translation capabilities as well.

Key takeaways

  • The app released in November 2022 on the Google Play store
  • A free subscription plan offers unlimited transcription into 9 languages
  • Paid plans offer translation ($~20/mo) and a personal AI ($~50/mo)
  • The Nreal Air hardware goes for 350 USD/GBP or 500-800 EUR
  • Watch the short video clip for a quick demo

Although this device might remind you of this Black Mirror episode about continuous recording of your life, it’s actually technology for good (#Tech❤️Good) when used for its primary intended audience: deaf people.


New AI-powered smart glasses help #deaf or hard-of-hearing people with real-time subtitles that they can rewind to read again. The technology by XRAI Glass connects a smartphone app to off-the-shelf AR glasses, which the company’s founder describes as “Alexa for your eyes.” #deaftiktok #hearingloss #hardofhearing #healthtech #news #inventions #yahoonews

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Secondary use cases are transcribing or translating conversations in real-time.

So, would you say this is tech for good or rather a literal black mirror in the making?

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