Next to Sony Playstation VR, the Japanese tech company is expanding its footprint in the metaverse with the announcement of Sony Mocopi, a live motion-tracking system featuring 6 wearable trackers available in late January 2023 for around $360.

Key points about Sony Mocopi

  • Sony introduces a new live motion-tracking system called Mocopi
  • Mocopi will be available late January 2023 for around 360 USD/EUR
  • A total of 6 trackers, charged in 90 minutes for 10 hours battery life
  • One for the head, one of the hip, two for ankles and two for hands
  • No finger tracking so that would require e.g. a Leap Motion Controller

In my acronym METAGAMERS, the ‘S’ is shared by Sony and Steam.

I include Sony in this list of metaverse-players because of its broad (tech) entertainment ecosystem including the Playstation and Playstation VR. With this week’s announcement by Sony announcing their Sony Mocopi, the Japanese tech company is expanding its footprint in the metaverse.

See the live motion-tracking system in action in their YouTube-video below:

Hat tip to The Verge for breaking this news.

My first full featured article this month will be about something interesting happening in plain sight. And the Sony Mocopi is a great example of this:

The Modular Metaverse

Coming soon.

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